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Municipal Dump

Seaview Enterprises had been awarded the contract to transport the town’s waste to Mossel Bay and transport will commence next week. The transfer station opposite Heights would remain until the new one at Kwanokuthula has been completed. Funding was awaited which would be available at the start of the new financial year in July.

The four categories of refuse removal were :

  • Normal rubbish
  • Recycling
  • Garden refuse
  • Builders rubble

Tenders for the recycling operation have closed and the successful applicant will be appointed at the end of the month. The contractor will be responsible for educating homeowners regarding the system to be followed regarding collection and will remove to their new recycling plant in the industrial area. It is estimated that only 10% of the refuse will have to be transported to Mossel Bay. Refuse removal will cost R2,2m per year, based on 3 loads per day for 365 days of the year.

The municipal dump will then be covered with sand and the area rehabilitated. The squatters have been removed and no one should be on the site after 5.00 p.m.

Allan Hodgson and Brian Cross will work together on the recycling program.

Bitou rubbish finally hits the road
(Article from the CX Press Issue 364 May 8 2013)

Last month the day finally dawned that saw Plett's first load of rubbish packing to Mossel Bay.

Said Bitou Monicipality's Randall Bower: 'We finally managed to get the approval from PetroSA to start transporting waste to Mossel Bay. The contractor went for induction last week and this first photo shows waste being containerised at the Robberg Landfill Site.'

It was expected that the contractor would hit the road as soon as the containers were brim-full, and hoped that his event hailed the start of the end of Bitou's waste woes - CXPRESS will endeavour to keep you posted.


Robberg sunrise