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Ward 2 Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Ward (2) Committee Meeting held in the Municipal Council Chambers on 12 November 2013 at 17H30

Councilor Craig opened the meeting and welcomed all for attending the meeting and extended a special welcome to The Bitou Executive Mayor. Cllr Memory Booysen and Mr. Randall Bower.

Apologies: None

The Executive Mayor; Cllr Memory Booysen requested that he be permitted to start off the proceedings by explaining his presence and giving the necessary feedback.

Cllr. Craig as the Chairperson of this meeting opened the floor to the Mayor.

The Mayor dealt with the following issues in the ward committee meeting which he will explain in his next mayoral news letter.

- The Municipal Organogram
- The Municipal Website
- Bodyguards / mayoral drivers
- RDP Housing
- Municipal Law Enforcement & Fleet
- Small Boat Harbour

Presentation on Re-cycling and Waste removal by Mr. Randall

o A closure plan for the landfill site has been drawn up by Dept. Water Affairs who are awaiting Dept. Environmental Affairs & Development Planning to issue the closure license
o We will still make use of this site until the waste transfer site is completed
o We have electrified the chipper and anticipate that it will start working within 2 weeks
o Waste is still being transferred to Mossel Bay
o The coordinates of the waste transfer station will be altered and it will now be closer to the N2 as the adjacent ground is earmarked for housing
o Property belonging to KK Sands near the Sasol garage will be used for the drop-off of builder’s rubble as Die Kop and Vantell pulled out of negotiations.

Green waste and scavengers on landfill site

o Operators will be appointed through a EPWP project to do the chipping
o Security guards are being threatened by the scavengers but will be dealt with by Municipal Law Enforcement


o It is currently happening but he didn’t have any figures with him.
o A tender for a private contractor to do recycling on behalf of the municipality was awarded last week Friday
o Price difference between preferred bidder and second in line was an issue
o Specifications has already been drawn up to form part of the Service Level Agreement(SLA) and a draft By-Law has been drawn up by the Eden Waste Forum
o The municipality would like to cut back on their current R60 000.00 dumping fees and between R110 000.00 – R160 000.00 transporting cost to take refuse to Mosselbay
o There will be measurement criteria built into the SLA which will determine the monthly fee payable to the contractor.

- Ms Berning – how can communities take part in recycling
- Mr. Bower – Buy-back centers will be opened in targeted areas
- Ms Berning – which areas will be serviced
- Mr. Bower – the Greater Bitou
- Ms. Berning – Any advertising planned for the busy season
- Mr. Bower – A collection schedule will be disseminated containing all the relevant information, it will also be dropped off per house with recycling bags
- Ms. Berning – will contractor profit from this
- Mr. Bower – Yes, he will
- Mr. Swart – When will they start
- Mr. Bower – 01 December 2013

- Green waste / Garden refuse
- There will be a rate of R200 per bag applicable for the collection thereof
- Ms. Berning – Will collection days remain the same?
- Mr. Bower – It will change to the day after normal collection
- Mr. Swart – color of the bags will be problematic, can the grey bag be used in conjunction with the black bag for house refuse.

Councilor Wayne Craig-Report

- Police Holding cells – will be completed by the end of November 2013
- Courts – will be completed by the end of February 2014
- Strategic Training session

o Officials understood the thinking of politicians and vice versa
o We now know the frustrations the administration is faced with

- On 17 October 2013 the Local Economic Development Forum was established

o Municipality is there to create a platform for businesses to strive
o We will roll out more projects for job creation
o Cllr’s and HOD’s will now be held accountable for their duties

- CCTV cameras

o Will be fully operational soon
o It costs R30 000.00 to set up a camera
- Airport
o A council resolution was passed and it will go to public participation on a way forward for the airport.

- Crime

o 40.3% down on house breakings in comparison to last year
o Car breakings did escalate due to people being negligent and leaving items of value clearly visible.

- Keurbooms river catchment project – Ms. Berning

o Project manager discussed it with Municipal officials and it will be place on 2014/2015 IDP
o We are embarking on a drive to do “Crowd Funding” in order to raise R500 000.00 before 21st December 2013
o This project will secure 100 job opportunities over a three year period and a sustainable water source for our town
o Bush clearing was done previously by Working on Water, but there was no follow up treatment done hence the alien vegetation has returned ten fold
o Plett has a population of approximately 50 000 and it is only needed that 2000 people make a donation of R250 each in order for this project to start.

Date of Next meeting
21 January 2014 at 17:30 pm in Council Chambers



Councilor Wayne Craig